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Marsaut-TEGyL Synths has released Marsaut TE, new improved version of Marsaut synth for Windows.

A lot of modern and vintage Leadsounds, Sequencerfood and -textures, Arpeggiatorsounds, lively Pads, Keys of nowadays and from the past, Basses and Brass, SFX, a lot of Percussionsounds, Cinematic & Atmosounds, Choirs & Voices, Emulations of real instruments and so on….. and every patch has itґs own colour (a nice option from Gyovai).

Demo of my soundbank for MARSAUT TE by GYL Synths (Gyovai Laslo) All sounds are from this bank and played without the use of external effects…..The first minute´s melody was taken from “Blade Runner Intro Theme”, copyright by VANGELIS Papathanassiou….conformities in sound by pure chance… 🙂

Available via the GyL Synths Facebook group.

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