Audio-term wavetable generator for Terratec Komplexer | Musicas a lo lejos


Audio-Term is a free program from blacktomcat666 that some single cycle users might be interested in. Is kind of intended to be used to generate wavetables, but each cycle can be saved individually. So, you can easily make an evolving set of single cycles to use in your renoise or any .wav reading instruments.

Anyway, it has additive waveform building and some transformation functions, blurring, filters, stuff and a wavedrawer.

Called term for a reason and looks and acts like some old, ancient 80’s program all green monochrome and fairlight evocative. But is not old, latest update had files from Dec. 2013 in it. Only hard to use in the sense that it ignores any modern user interface conventions.

Hay que esperar a que termine el video de demostración para que aparezcan los enlaces de descarga.

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