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Spectrum Analyzer is a real-time spectrum analysis VST plugin. The idea was to create an old-fashioned tool reminiscent of classic hardware analyzers of the earlier centuries. Another unique (and quite experimental) feature of the plugin is its detached spectrum display window, freely resizable independently of host application capabilities.


  • 1/3, 1/4 or 1/6 octave mode (30, 40 or 60 bands respectively)
  • Unrestrictedly resizable (tiny to fullscreen) display window
  • Simultaneous peak, peak-hold and average (RMS) display
  • Entirely adjustable ballistics
  • Customizable colors
  • Freeze function
  • Supports any sample rate

System Requirements:

  • Intel or AMD processor with SSE instructions
  • Windows XP or later (32-bit)
  • VST host application
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  • Analyzer v1.06-alpha released by Seven Phases now open source and 64-bit.


    – The plugin is open source now.
    – Added 64-bit version.
    – New presets and color schemes.
    – Fixed numerous bugs related to the new windows implementation (better Windows 7 support, better “Display” resizing etc.), code is still unfinished hence “alpha”.

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