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fritzingFritzing Beta es una aplicación de código abierto para apoyar a diseñadores, artistas, investigadores, estudiantes y aficionados a la electrónica a crear diseños virtuales que pueden ser trasladados a plataformas como Arduino.

Está enfocado al diseño real de prototipos sobre placas electrónicas y tiene una curva de aprendizaje muy suave, por lo que está recomendado para artistas que no tengan conocimientos profundos de electrónica.

En la web se ha formado toda una comunida de usuarios que aportan plantillas y diseños y un blog en el que poder consultar dudas.

trex606Max Project ofrece en su web, el rompler T. Rex 606, una emulación de la clásica caja de ritmos, Roland TR-606.

Is a rompler of classic 606.

Vintage and Modern GUI Design.

7 Classics Sounds

Knobs for Main Volumen & Simple Reverb

X32 & X64!

nova3Tokyo Dawn Records acaba de publicar el vst Nova, un ecualizador dinámico con posibilidades expandidas.

NOVA is a parallel dynamic equalizer. Appearing in the familiar layout of a parametric equalizer, each band also includes a full featured dynamics section allowing the processor to cover an impressively wide range of applications. Be it a master lacking density, the drum bus asking for more crispiness, or a sibilance problem in your perfect take: NOVA has an elegant answer.

A user friendly WYSIWYG drag and drop display paired with a classic “knob” interface gives quick and smooth access to the various parameters driving NOVA’s powerful processing capabilities. With its four dynamic EQ bands and additional high-pass and low-pass filter sections, NOVA can meet the most exotic demand. Intuitive equal loudness functions help finding the optimal setting without getting distracted by loudness differences.

In practice, the processor covers a whole bucket of tasks:

  • Parametric equalization
  • Dynamic equalization
  • Frequency selective compression/expansion
  • Multi-band compression/expansion
  • Wideband compression

Of course NOVA features all helpers and workflow enhancements you’ve come to expect in a TDR plugin: A preset manager, undo/redo, A/B, detailed documentation, copy & paste, and much more.

thumpMetric Halo has released Thump, unique VST audio processor that allows you to synthesize low frequency audio to add low end to a track or generate another sound entirely.

Thump is a unique audio processor that allows you to synthesize low frequency audio to add low end to a track or generate another sound entirely. Thump looks at the pitch and dynamics of its audio input and uses this information to control its oscillators. You can add low end to drums, augment a bass or even create synthetic drones.
Thump is ideal for beefing up a kick drum, add low end to percussive tracks, re-create classic drum synth sounds, and more.

You can use Thump’s envelope driven, percussive sub-harmonic synth for the following things (among others):

– Build low-octave support for bass drum, tom, snare, and other percussive tracks
– Create kettle drum sounds from regular drum tracks
– Re-create the sounds of classic drum synths like the TR-808

Cross Platform – Mac AU, Mac/Win VST & Mac/Win Pro Tools AAX (Native + DSP).

Sanford-ReverbSanford Sound Design has released version 2.1 of Sanford Reverb, a free true stereo reverb effect plugin for Windows. The new version has been completely rewritten and is available for 64-bit VST hosts on Windows.

The Sanford Reverb is a true stereo reverb. It is capable of simulating everything from small rooms to giant cavernous spaces. Its sound is dense, clean, and crisp making it perfect for most situations. Left and right input channels each have a set of 3 early reflections that can be independently set. The filter section lets you shape the tone of the reverb’s output, and damping is provided to simulate wall absorption. Together these features let you shape the reverb sound to simulate almost any room.

Modulation is also provided to add motion to the reverb tail. The result is a more animated and lively reverb.

miditestsoundlibSoundlib has released Studio 1.1, a free software pack designed to help musicians in their work. Studio 1.1 includes two software utilities: AudioExplorer and MidiTest.
Audio Explorer is designed to be a quick way to preview a large number of audio files. We all have thousands of audio files on our disk drives and listening to all of them to find the right one can be a very tedious task. Audio Explorer is the quickest way to preview a large number of audio files.
If a user’s audio software does not react to their external MIDI controller, MidiTest is designed to help verify that the system receives the MIDI messages from an external MIDI controller.

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