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pechenegThe Pecheneg VST plugin is a tremolo effect, which has the possibility to adjust the shape of the tremolo modulating curve and to synchronize the frequency with a host, or set it manually.

When synchronizing with a host (Tempo: host), the tremolo frequency is adjusted by the knob, which sets the modulation period, while the note type (regular, dotted or triplet) can be selected below the knob. When set manually (Tempo: man), the tremolo frequency (in Hz) can be set directly with the knob.

The Shape, Phase and Symm knobs set the wave form of the modulation, with the amount of modulation set by the Depth knob.


Radium is a music editor with a new and better interface.

  • The advantages of this interface compared to piano rolls (the normal sequencer interface), are that note editing is quicker, and that more musical data fits on the screen.
  • The advantage of this interface compared to trackers, is that note positions and effects are edited graphically, which is both quicker, provides more vertical space, and gives a better musically overview.

However, despite it’s unusual appearance, it’s a design goal for Radium to be straight forward to use, and easy to learn. It should not be harder to learn Radium than any tracker or most midi sequencers.


  • Open source. Radium will never disappear.
  • Plug-ins:
    • LADSPA and VST + several built-in plugins:
      • 20 Physical modelling instruments
      • 2 Soundfont instruments
      • 1 Sampler instrument
      • High quality multiband compressor, reverb and limiter.
    • More than 100 LADSPA effect plugins are included. (OSX and Windows)
    • All Sound Objects have built-in high quality filters and equalizers.
  • Modular mixer. Notes, velocities and audio signals can be routed to any other audio object.
  • Pure Data is embedded. Pure Data (or “Pd”) is a ” Real-time graphical dataflow programming environment for audio, video, and graphical processing” which lets you make your own sound effect or musical data. (Linux only)
  • Tickless:
    • Notes, tempo, and effects can be placed anywhere on a line. (unlimited precision)
    • Line-split. Easily split lines for sub-line note editing.
  • Arpeggiator
  • Sub-note pitch settings and glide between notes.
  • Automation:
    • Effects automation
    • Tempo automation
    • Velocity automation
  • Polyphonic tracks
  • No limitation on the number of:
    • Blocks
    • Tracks
    • Lines
    • Undo/Redo
  • Zoom in/out. Press Keypad Plus / Keypad Minus, or F5/F6, to zoom in / out.
  • Blazingly snappy graphics.
  • Import standard MIDI files and MMD2/MMD3 modules
  • Note sequence effects such as transpose, quantitize, glizzando, invert and reverse.
  • Configurable key bindings, menues, fonts, and colors.
  • Extension language support. Write programs that generates music or modifies your songs.
  • Western style scores can be generated from radium songs with Common Music Notation (CMN).


ArtVera has released ART Pyrite (free version), a powerful atmospheric software synthesizer for Windows.

Powerfull atmospheric 32 bit software synthesizer. It creates unique variable Atmospheres, Soundscapes, Pads, Textures, Ambient, Sound Effects & Rhythmic and Melodic Sequences.

Running ART Pyrite 32 bit plugin in a 64 bit host might require a bridge-adapter/wrapper like JBridge. This is not necessary if you use a 64 bit OS (Vista or Windows 7/8) and a 32 bit host.

This software synthesizer offers a wide spectrum of miscellaneous sounds, suitable for all music styles including NewAge and Movie Music.

Free version with some limited features is available to download.

TENQ (Ten Band EQ) is an intuitive EQ with a choice of 11 node types; a general purpose tracking plugin with a swanky hardware accelerated zoomable GUI, Spectrum Analyser and True, Split & M/S modes.


Notas del autor sobre legislación que afecta a sus desarrollos.

Thanks to some ridiculous new EU VAT laws there’s currently little chance of me releasing the full version of this plugin with a price attached to it, because doing so would mean that for every EU country someone buys a copy I’d need to register for VAT in that country … and then do a tonne of paperwork for each country four times a year … see the link for more comprehensive information of this Euro-Cluster-F**k as this is hardly the place to rant … because …

The primary benificiary of this situation, dear reader, is that you, my lovely customers will now be able to get hold of this plugin, gratis, free, at no charge – but there’s a catch : it’s being released as a beta – I can’t make any return on the months of research I’ve put in to creating this plugin, so there’s no way I’m going to be able to complete it to the degree I’d originally imagined.

However, this doesn’t mean it’s a stinker – the h/w accelerated goodness is pretty solid, the DSP is pretty solid, if a little vanilla, and it’s been through a sh*t-tonne of testing to make sure it’s well on the way to running prime-time … although there may still be a few glitches and niggles which I’m sure I’ll get around to solving eventually.

The main reason for creating this plugin was to bring OpenGL hardware accelerated graphics rendering to the SynthEdit dev environment bringing a boost to the various developers using the platform to make their wares – TENQ has been the primary test-bed for this effort, but my real motivation is to deploy this new code against the wide-format surround plugin SoundSquares which I’ve been developing for the last 4 years now …….

aaaaaaaaanyway … enough of that … you want a copy of TENQ just like the 543 other… Sigue leyendo

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