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Kassiopeia! 2.0 is a dual Line Phase Distortion Synth.

Casio CZ Inspired Dual Line Phase Distortion Synthesizer
User selectable 1-8 Note Polyphony
6 Graphic 16-stage Envelope Generators with Stage Looping, Independent Stage Contouring and Key Follow
2 Pitch LFOs with Delay and Contoured Fade-In
Reverse Routing Multi-timbre Ring Modulator
Variable Noise Generator
User Adjustable Key Scaling
Stereo Reverb
2 Independent Cross Feedback Delays

Odo Synths Dreamer uses 4 oscs and 4 for the phase mod, it has flanger/filter crosser or panner filter slicer and volume slicer and more than 64 presets.

  • ADSR for volume.
  • ADSR for filter with envelope tracking hi mix band mix.
  • Cutoff and resonance.
  • Uses 4 oscillators all with phase modulation depth/octave/tune.
  • The oscillators has octave/tune and volume.
  • You can choose between sine/saw/pulse/triangle/ramp.
  • It has a filter crosser and a panner.
  • Slicer/flanger/filter slicer and a BPM delay.

Kx-Polymod is a vintage modular polyphonic synthesizer with stereo SF2 player. To build analog 70’s leads!

Stereo routing.
Up to 6 voices.
15*12 Matrix controlled by 5*5 Sub matrix, include 4 Kxmod sources!
5 Vcos with 5 waveforms, include the TriSaw, with Phase modulation and Sync (Vco1 only).
Oscillators 100% compatible with the Kx-Modulad’s waveforms (med, 498k).
1 Stereo SF2 player (16 and 24 bits).
1 SF2 drum set (24 bits, 12 samples, 3.3 Mo).
4 Keyboard traking (-10 to 10) for the Vcos and the Vcfs.
1 Ring Modulator with EQ.
1 Noise Generator with EQ.1 Monophonic LFO with ADSR.
2 Mulitmode VCFs (20) with oversampled processes.
4 Polyphonic EGs with curves for each segment, velocity and Kbd controls.
1 X Y joystick controller.
1 Sample & Hold.
10 host sync clocks.
1 compressor.
1 oversampled Distortion.
1 Soft Vintage EQ.
2 Delays with sync, multimode filter and modulation oscillator with sync.
1 Scope with 10 ms of buffer size.
1 Frequency display.
1 Note pad.
Full Midi learn.
Internal Fxp and Fxb management.
70 nice KX presets (70’s)!

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