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MidSideMangler is a Mid/Side processor that is capable of traditional LR panning, MS balance, and more interesting Mid panning and Side panning. You can do small adjustments to the stereo image or rearrange it completely. This is great for stereo effects and it can give you a hand in the mastering of a problematic mix.

Version 2.0

Changes from v1.0:
-Completely new GUI
-Automation works
-Removed phase button
-Changed behaviour of Side pan so it works correctly
-Optimized code to save CPU load
-Added 5 presets
-And some minor things

-LR Pan- Attenuate either left or right channel
-Mid/Side Balance- Attenuate either mid or side channel
-Mid Pan- Move mid channel to left or right
-Side Pan- Move side channel to left or right
-Ctrl+Left mouse click to default knobs

Format: VST for Windows

Desde Fsynthz reseñamos RepeeteR, un efecto midi para directos.

This is a midi processor. In fact, ONE BUTTON CONTROLS IT ALL. Hit the Hold/Sustain (or whatever you set) once, shortly – and voila, the fixed-length fragment of what you play is converted to midi loop, synched to the host tempo. And it starts to play in the background immediately.
Plus, you may:

  • transpose your loops on the fly (chord recognition included)
  • make punch-in and partial erase w/ still same one button
  • use two additional controls for moar lulz
  • drive two synthz with it (one for loop, one for solo)

SimpArp is an easy to use MIDI-Apeggiator plugin from WOK. Use it with any synth (-plugin) to create these well-known sequences. Special features: host-sync, shuffle, adjustable note length with overlap at max point (for mono glide sounds), velocity adjustable or input pass thru. No installer, copy-protection, adware, spyware or whatever !

SimpArp is the free version of our upcoming D-ARP, a dual-arpeggiator plugin with some extras like interaction of the two units with scale chord generation.

(Coming soon – watch the site for news)

Nudge es un programa puede sacarnos de una incómoda situación de ansiedad si estamos lejos del estudio pero tenemos acceso a internet.

Se trata de una aplicación flash en forma de minisecuenciador con el que podemos entretenernos un buen rato hasta llegar al laboratorio. Y, quién sabe, si no sería útil para crear algún patrón o melodía interesante.

  • Select 1 of 8 different Sound Patterns from the small Matrixes icons on the right.
  • Use your mouse to draw notes on each 16 Step Matrix.
  • Adjust the volume of the iNudge.
  • Click MORE for advanced adjustment abilities.
  • For each Pattern, adjust Volume, Mute, Clear, or set Audio Pan from Left to Right.
  • Click on the Tempo numbers and click up or down to change the overall Tempo.
  • Make the nudge longer for more iteresting patterns with the PLUS button.
  • Use Clear, Copy, Cut and Paste to edit your pattern faster.
  • Get & Share allows you to Send Mail, Get Link, Get Embed code or Spread in communities.
  • Use the Feedback Forum to tell us what you think, leave your comments or make suggestions.
  • Check out MOST LISTENED and NEWEST iNudges below!

La editorial Anaya publica un manual para el software de produccion musical Logic Pro 9 y Logic Express 9. Iremos detallando la calidad de tal publicación, aunque en principio está avalada por Apple y corre a cargo de un conocido productor musical.

Su precio 45 euros (el saber tiene un precio).

Es posible que os hayáis visto en la situación de tener que cambiar la retroiluminación de alguna de vuestras maquinas. A veces pensamos que esos aparatos son indestructibles y el día menos pensado nos encontramos conque no hay manera de adivinar los parámetros de edición.

En la web backlight4you hay un buen número de tutoriales para reparar este problema, además de ofrecer el servicio ellos mismos.

Como ejemplo, adjunto el tutorial para el problemático Korg Wavestation.

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